Our story

Portmanteau was founded in January 2021

Portmanteau was founded on a desire for a fairer and more equal publishing industry.


Portmanteau Ldn is an independent literary magazine based in London, UK dedicated to publishing unique and wonderful writing.


At the very core of Portmanteau Ldn is the ideology of being a platform that brings equal opportunity, no matter where you live, or what socio-economic background you come from. Portmanteau Ldn is a creative space where writers and artists can submit their work in the confidence that it will be fairly reviewed with an equal eye.


At Portmanteau Ldn we strive to share with you our own learned insight into the writing and publishing industry, informing our readership of all they might need to know to succeed in the industry.



We want to give a quality platform to literary voices from all around the world, that brings with it unique writings and rich perspectives.


We are a small team with a big vision.

our team

Ruby Lizon-walker

Founder and Editor in Chief

Hey, I'm Ruby. I just graduated from UCL with a Masters in Publishing. Prior to that I studied Creative Writing at the University of Greenwich.

I currently work as a Midweight Copywriter for a tech company, and love to read (anything and everything) and write (sci-fi) in my spare time. Basically, literature is my whole life! 

You can follow me on Twitter @rubylizonwalker


Shona Henderson

Director of Marketing and Communications

Hi! I'm Shona. I graduated from the University of Glasgow with an undergraduate MA in English Literature in 2019 and a postgraduate MA in Publishing from UCL in 2021. As every English Literature graduate will tell you, I love books. 


My absolute favourite thing to do is sit with a cup of tea and good crime fiction or thriller. Also, I love feminist fiction, poetry, and literary classics. My favourite writers include, but are not limited to, Virginia Woolf, Lee Child, Margaret Atwood, Kathy Reichs, and Alfred Lord Tennyson.


Another thing you should know is that I am addicted to Twitter, which is why I enjoy Marketing and Communication roles, especially if I get to talk about books all day.


You can follow me on Twitter @_shonahenderson